Tourmake v8.2 - 16 Jan 2023

  • Updated compatibility with Facebook
  • New TM Museum platform
  • Extension Plugin Password
  • New system of subscriptions
  • Transitional videos

Tourmake v8.0 - 24 Oct 2022

  • Updated compatibility with Google My Business
  • Fix bug
  • Update of PHP version
  • Added Virtual Assistant Plugin
  • Increased iOS compatibility

Tourmake v7.8 - 12 Sep 2022

  • Improved stability and performance
  • Bug fixing
  • Updates App ViewMake
  • Improved backup system
  • Street View publication update

Tourmake v7.6 - 20 Jul 2022

  • Increased compatibility with HMD viewers
  • Improved compatibility of with social networks
  • Improved stability and compatibility with Google Street View

Tourmake v7.4 - 15 Apr 2022

  • Added Plugin for Zendesk Chat
  • Improved Plugin Welcome Page
  • Improved App ViewMake

Tourmake v7.2 - 1 Mar 2022

  • Added Plugin for Facebook Messanger
  • Improved Plugin Tourmake Reactions
  • Improved Plugin Virtual Assistant

Tourmake v7.0 - 22 Dec 2021

  • Added PLUG-IN section in details of each tour.
  • Fix Password Protection plugin.
  • Enhanced Security of Password Protection plugin.
  • Improved accessibility of the Password Protection plugin.
  • Added compatibility between Tour and Plugin.
  • Added Plugin Section for each Tour.
  • Welcome Page Plugin Implementation.

Tourmake v6.8 - 1 Oct 2021

  • Security improvement in Tourmake login and registration.
  • Safety improvement for Tourmake Me.

Tourmake v6.6 - 1 Aug 2021

  • Compatibility update for VR headsets.
  • Oculus x Tourmake VR update implementation.
  • Viewmake App Security Update.
  • Fix Bug Viewmake App.

Tourmake v6.4 - 1 May 2021

  • Viewmake: Added possibility to insert a link in the credits of the pano.
  • Street View compatibility update.

Tourmake v6.2 - 1 Mar 2021

  • Tourmake Fix map, widget and social media.
  • Local Tourmake General Fixes.

Tourmake version 6.0 - 11 Jan 2021

  • PLUG-IN Password Protection for Tourmake
  • Ability to protect the display of the Virtual Tour
  • Possibility to register to see the virtual tour. Acquire contacts, create a marketing campaign.
  • Possibility to pay with Paypal to see the virtual tour, buy a ticket or make a donation.
  • Ability to create and manage customized access and unique virtual tour viewers.
  • Possibility to graphically modify the page and set the fields to be displayed
  • Performance improvements
  • Added custom notification system for photographers

Tourmake version 5.0 - 19 Mar 2020

  • Tourmake Apps API Level 30 compatibility update
  • Creation of the WelcomeTo tourist platform
  • Fixed bug in Tourmake Me certificate generation
  • Added upload photo gallery for Tourmake Me
  • Fix translations Template3 Tourmake Me
  • Facebook widget update
  • YouTube widget update
  • Fixed Custom Domain removal bug for Tourmake
  • Added new subscription types dedicated to Real Estate

Tourmake version 4.0 - 19 Nov 2019

  • New Viewmake sphere motion system implemented
  • Increased VR display compatibility on Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality
  • Required implementation using sensors on iOS devices

Tourmake version 3.9.5 - 01 Oct 2019

  • First Street View publication for free from Viewmake App
  • Viewmake App Compatibility with Insta360 One X, Ricoh Theta V and Ricoh Theta Z1
  • Facebook login implemented, for the interaction with the Tourmake platform
  • Improved functioning and adaptability of the contact form template 2 Tourmake
  • Removing Google Plus from the Tourmake platform

Tourmake version 3.9 - 01 Apr 2019

  • Panoramic patching through personalized nadir
  • Added ability to install secure connection (HTTPS) to associated domains for Tourmake and services
  • Fix bug update Facebook Album
  • Fix bug template
  • Removing Google Plus from the Tourmake platform

Tourmake version 3.8.1 - 12 Dec 2018

  • Introduced Wordpress plugins: WP Tourmake and Tourmake Elementor Addon, for embedding Tourmake tours into Wordpress powered sites
  • Insta360 Pro compatibility with Viewmake app
  • Social widget in Tourmake tours enhanced
  • New languages and enhancements to panorama viewer in Viewmake app
  • Enhancement for My Business Post analytics reporting, delayed publication of posts

Tourmake version 3.8 - 02 Aug 2018

  • Viewmake app for building virtual tours using an Android device
  • Improved Street View project importing process
  • Monthly analytics reports e-mails management
  • Finnish language added to Tourmake visualization and Local Tourmake
  • General performance improvements
  • Bug fixing in Tourmake templates 3 and 6

Tourmake version 3.7 - 30 May 2018

  • Conversion of Tourmake with Google technology towards Tourmake with Viewmake technology
  • GDPR compliance measures
  • Bug fixing

Tourmake version 3.6 - 26 Mar 2018

  • Tourmake App feature
  • Tourmake Post feature
  • Bug fixing and general performance improvement
  • Local Tourmake search enhanced

Tourmake version 3.5.1 - 15 Feb 2018

  • Reserved area and site now available in Taiwanese language
  • Local Tourmake Taiwan
  • Local Tourmake Albania

Tourmake version 3.5 - 29 Jan 2018

  • Local card claim
  • New and Edit Tourmake forms renewed
  • Delegation of Tourmake license renewal to users
  • Introduced Template 6 for Tourmake tours
  • Translations improvement
  • Bug correction on edit panel and on Tourmake display
  • New Local Tourmake portal
  • Navigation arrows improved on tours with Viewmake technology

Tourmake version 3.4.1 - 20 Nov 2017

  • Multilevel tour support for Viewmake editing panel
  • Publishing and importing of multilevel projects for Street View projects
  • "Report a problem" feature

Tourmake version 3.4 - 13 Oct 2017

  • "Tourmake Reaction" functionality implementation
  • Translations improvement
  • Bug correction on edit panel and on Tourmake display
  • Introduced Template 5 for Tourmake tours

Tourmake version 3.3.1 - 07 Jul 2017

  • Multilingual implementation for multimedia content (youtube video, gallery and audio)
  • Updated some pages of website
  • Updated Subscriptions section, with new subscription packets available
  • URLs generated for the Local Tourmake page compatible with UTF-8 characters
  • Pinch to zoom function available on Viewmake sphere
  • Correction of bugs on Tourmake Panel for editing and visualization

Tourmake version 3.3 - 31 May 2017

  • Tools for panorama editing: blur and nadir patching
  • Creation of Street View projects starting from a Viewmake and vice versa
  • Added plans for increasing simultaneous opened Street View projects
  • Public demo for sites
  • Public demo for Viewmake tours

Tourmake version 3.2 - 10 Apr 2017

  • Management and publication of virtual tour projects on Google Street View platform
  • Restyling of Viewmake editing panel, with interactive map
  • Introduced Template 4 for Tourmake tours
  • Site and reserved areas available in Japanese language

Tourmake version 3.1 - 13 Feb 2017

  • Local Tourmake: virtual tours embedded in dedicated pages for better SEO score
  • Login and visualization of Tourmake allowed from different country-code top level domains
  • Changing of layout of the tours through the Change Template feature in the editing panel
  • Introduced Template 2 for Tourmake tours
  • Introduced Template 3 for Tourmake tours

Tourmake version 3.0.1 - 13 Jan 2017

  • Photo Sphere embedding in Tourmake
  • Updated Google panorama viewer
  • Gyroscope function added to Tourmake with Google technology

Tourmake version 3.0 - 25 Nov 2016

  • Display of points, areas and audio contents in VR mode
  • Navigation menu visible in VR mode on Tourmake and Viewmake tours
  • New GIF icons in marker library
  • Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish language support
  • VR is now compatible with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices

Tourmake version 2.10 - 15 Sep 2016

  • Language selector changed
  • Added control for device motion tracking through the gyroscope
  • Renewed console layout
  • Dissolvence effect on booking markers and points of interest
  • New update in

Tourmake version 2.9 - 03 Aug 2016

  • Photographers can embed a multilevel indoor map in Tourmake, through the editing panel.
  • Instagram feature is back in stock
  • Added Slovak language in tour showing

Tourmake version 2.8.2 - 09 Jul 2016

  • Introduced the 5°zoom level for Viewmake panos.
  • Implemented the Viewmake payment system; Tourmake credits division.
  • Today each accumulated credit is divided in 10 credits.
  • Added the Thai language in Tourmake

Tourmake version 2.8.1 - 13 Jun 2016

  • QR Code is shown by clicking on the cardboard button on incompatible devices.
  • Autorotation on Viewmake platform.
  • Option for removing copyright controls if the Viewmake panorama viewer is used.
  • Reserved areas accessible from
  • Tourmake / Viewmake details page restyling.
  • Added the possibility to insert a different link address for each language in a content.
  • Added the possibility to enable the "click to go" feature in Tourmake powered by the Street View viewer.

Tourmake version 2.8 - 10 May 2016

  • The Viewmake panorama viewer has been implemented; you can choose it in the Viewmake editing panel.
  • VR viewer has been integrated on Tourmake tours.
  • Introduced possibility of including multilingual links to custom content type

Tourmake version 2.7.5 - 02 May 2016

  • The tour page in the Tourmake. It website has been updated
  • Introduced the possibility to add a Premium user
  • Introduced a new Template in the platform
  • The translations have been improved
  • Improved the “full screen” feature for all the embedded tours
  • Introduced the possibility to activate the "show title" option on mouseover of a point of interest

Tourmake version 2.7.2 - 07 Mar 2016

  • Now it's possible to choose the time slots in which it's possible to book through the Table/Booking plugin from the Tourmake editing panel
  • The tour manager will receive a new booking email notification and can confirm or refuse the request.
  • The customer that will make a reservation will be updated on the result through an email notification.
  • The system will automatically notice the customer if the manager don't make a decision on the reservation made.

Tourmake version 2.7.1 - 20 Jan 2016

  • Introduced the possibility to open an external link by clicking on points and shapes.
  • Introduced the possibility to apply a flashing effect to shapes, setting the flashing duration.
  • translations have been improved.

Tourmake version 2.7 - 23 Dec 2015

  • Tourmake is hosted now on a new infrastructure, that is reachable quickly from anywhere in the world.
  • Widgets on virtual tours are introduced: a side box that lets you integrate socials on your tour.
  • Introduced localization of the tour by a Map widget.
  • Introduced a new control in Viewmake tours, to reach different ambients even if they are not physically connected.
  • Some elements, like the fullscreen control and the share control, have now a renewed graphic.
  • On Viewmake tours, it's possible to hide Google Maps Street View and Business View links.

Tourmake version 2.6 - 18 Nov 2015

  • The clipping process of the panoramics loaded on the Viewmake platform has been optimized
  • The quality of the panoramics on the Viewmake platform has been increased
  • A new clipping process, for a better quality of all panoramas already uploaded on the Viewmake platform has been applied
  • The audio conversion process on the Tourmake platform has been optimized
  • Added Japanese language in tour showing

Tourmake version 2.5 - 04 Oct 2015

  • Added Viewmake section for uploading custom panoramas
  • Added the possibility to create Tourmake using Viewmake panoramas

Tourmake version 2.4 - 04 Sep 2015

  • Added Chinese and Portuguese languages in display
  • Share shortlink
  • Portfolio page for Tourmake trusted photographer
  • The URL format is changed
  • Added Russian Language to virtual tour visualization
  • Russian Language added in the reserved area and in the tour editing panel
  • Fullscreen button restyling
  • Added Basque Language to tour visualization

Tourmake version 2.3 - 26 Mar 2015

  • Added possibility of inserting Paypal buttons in custom content.
  • Added plugin for generation of Paypal buttons.
  • Added possibility of inserting logo credits in bottom right corner of the tour.
  • Improved tour visualization on mobile.
  • Improved automatic rotation.
  • Improved Tourmake links.

Tourmake version 2.2 - 20 Feb 2015

  • The photographer can create a tour in Catalan language.
  • Adding menu items with no elements linked to it is now possible.
  • Improved text editor
  • The photographer can create a tour in Danish language.
  • Sharing box with direct link and social network functions
  • Automatic rotation on start
  • Direct content sharing
  • The tour can now start in different panoramas than the starting one

Tourmake version 2.1 - 08 Jan 2015

  • Added carnival plugin
  • Added camping and wine cellar.
  • Replaced "embed" with "tour" in embed links
  • Improved tour visualization.
  • Added Saint Valentine effect
  • New icons in Tourmake icon library and in default markers
  • Added remove booking tables logo button
  • Improved the display of youtube videos on mobile devices

Tourmake version 2.0 rev 1 - 10 Nov 2014

  • Editing panel improved in performance, especially in tour saving time
  • New multimedial layout
  • Markers that are outside of the view are displayed on the sides of the screen
  • Panorama reorientation at marker click
  • Shapes now work better on mobile devices
  • Dutch language available for tour creation
  • Fixed audio not working on areas of interest
  • Fixed share buttons
  • Now tag <object> is allowed on custom contents
  • Minor bug fixes on tours
  • Added Christmas plugin
  • Added share buttons on image galleries
  • Added Google Analytics support
  • Audio is temporarily paused when a YouTube video is opened
  • Dark version

Tourmake 2.0 version - 15 Oct 2014

  • A new intuitive and quick tour editing panel has been added.
  • A new plugin of customization was added: the shape plugin.
  • The possibility to combine the tours under a single licence was added.
  • Was added the possibility to create sub-menus of areas or points indiscriminately and infinitely.
  • You can divide a pano in infinite areals to manage multiple pop-up menu during transition and rotation.
  • Introduction of audio tracks in your media plugin.
  • The possibility to embed anything or create a custom window with a well-stocked editor was added.
  • The possibility to move windows and points on the tour without changing the content, but managing the movement and appearance was added.
  • The possibility to create a multi-lingual tour was added.
  • Two new templates to create quickly uniform tours was added.
  • The Autorotate console was added. It allows you to rotate a pano automatically but also to start the rotation of each pano in the menu.During rotation magically may appear descriptions, can be opened windows or can be activated audio tracks.
  • The possibility to insert a logo on the menu was added.
  • A gallery with new 500 icons usable on the tour was introduced.
  • Was added the possibility to create your own gallery, wich is different for each tour and to load from external sources also animated gifs.
  • Each tour has a code QrCode.
  • The ability to choose what you want to assign to a customer: whole panel or just a change of content, was added -the tour visualisation was improved.
  • Improved tour visualization.

Tourmake 1.5 version - 18 Jun 2014

  • Tour display mode redesigned for smartphone, tablets and windows with low resolution, with a mobile-exclusive navigation menu.
  • The classic menu is now redefined in pages, in order to make its usage easier, especially for menus with big number of options.
  • Added collecting usage tour datas, shown on the Analytics menu.
  • Tour demo additional features.
  • Added the possibility to delete images in areas and points of interest.
  • Several bug fixes, regarding photographers and users reserved areas.
  • Nuova modalità di creazione tour, tramite URL Business View.
  • The photographer can create a tour in Polish language.

Tourmake version 1.4 - 10 Jun 2014

  • The most important new feature is the Multimedial Plugin, conceived for inserting multimedial contents inside your tours; it was already in the previous version but now it's definitive so you can use it in your works.
  • The main updates made on the multimedial points are: the possibility to add new multimedial points inside your navigation menu through the customization; enhanced image resizing, YouTube video embedding, photogallery navigation; multimedial content now fits even the smaller displays, such as mobile devices ones; bug fixes.
  • The photographer can create a short link of your tour directly through New tour and Edit tour pages. So search engines will find your tours more easily and will become even more popular.
  • You can choose the button text of the Points of Interest freely; moreover, it's possible to use a custom image, loaded by you, as the point marker, directly in the points of interest customization.
  • The software is avaible in German.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • The navigation menu management tool.
  • The photographer can create a tour in Czech and Bulgarian languages.
  • Introduction the analitycs service.

Tourmake 1.3 version - 23 Mag 2014

  • Introduction of a new partnership and tour management system.
  • The photographer can create Google View tour in Tourmake system.
  • New customization tool: the Multimedia Plugin.

Tourmake 1.2.6 version - 14 Mag 2014

  • The possibility to hide share buttons from Areas and Points of Interest individually by using the function Show sharing buttons during customization was added.
  • Bug-correction to the plugin Points of Interest (image updating in the preview).
  • The possibility to hide share buttons from Areas and Points of Interest individually by using the function Show sharing buttons during customization was added.
  • The possibility to hide an Area or Point of Interest from lateral navigation menu by using the relative function in the customization panel so that it becomes possible to create a tour without navigation menu was added.
  • The visualisation of points of interest during navigation was improved.
  • The software is also available in French.
  • Bug correction in the function Reset starting point.
  • General improvements to performance and reliability.

Tourmake 1.2.5 version - 05 Mag 2014

  • Ticket system support enabled for photgraphers and users.

Tourmake 1.2.1 version - 23 Apr 2014

  • Introduction the invisible marker.
  • Tour available in fullscreen mode.
  • Photographers and Agencies that signed in Tourmake are visible on the map.
  • The new interactive map with all the Tourmake tours.
  • General improvements.
  • The software is avaible in Spanish too.

Tourmake 1.1 version - 15 Apr 2014

  • Now you can choose not to show information box on Areas of Interest plugin (e.g. for using the menu on the top-left of the tour as a rapid navigation menu).
  • Tours on mobile devices has been improved for fitting smaller displays.
  • Fix on loading images in User reserved area.
  • Added Country field in User registration.
  • Now photographer's country is available under the Photographers section of the website.
  • The photographer can embed a tour in a fanpage in a single click directly in the panel.

Tourmake 1.0 version - 10 Apr 2014

  • The Table plugin changes its name and aims at the booking of generic services, more than tables; you can find it with the new name Tables/Services booking.
  • The marker limit in the Tables/Services booking plugin is increased from 50 to 100 without additional costs.
  • Improvements in the Area of Interest plugin.
  • The photographer can disable the receiving of mail notification: you can find the module in the submenu in the top-right corner by clicking your profile image.
  • The photographer can decide if his tour will be displayed in the Tour section of the Tourmake website; this option is available in the New Tour and Edit Tour pages.
  • Added visits counter of every tour.
  • Added the field Notes in the Table/Services booking, updated the Time field (the visitor can book at every time, not only in the evening), added the possibility to give a name to the marker (so that the business owner knows which table the visitor booked.
  • Improved the localization of the business;
  • Added support for multi-floor virtual tours.
  • Tourmake is accessible only in secure HTTPS mode, that allow you to embed your tours easily even in web sites that require a secure connection.
  • The software is avaible in English too.
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